A newly published book by HG.org President and Founder Stephen McGarry entitled Leaders in Legal Business has, as the book’s introduction outlines, brought together “Twenty-eight distinguished leaders in legal business [to] discuss the history, development and the future of the services and products they, their firms, companies and associations provide the profession of law.”

Among those contributing to the book is Jordan Furlong, “a lawyer, speaker, and consultant based in Ottawa, Canada.  A partner with the global consulting firm Edge International, a senior consultant with legal web development company Stem Legal Web Enterprises, and the author of Law21: Dispatches from a Legal Profession on the Brink.”

“The inevitable evolution of legal marketing is toward legal sales”

Among Furlong’s prognostications for the future of the business of law, legal marketing and business development, is his prediction that:  “The inevitable evolution of legal marketing is toward legal sales. Sales consulting already takes place now, although it operates under the pseudonym “business development,” because lawyers can’t bear to use such a lowbrow and unsophisticated word as “sales.” The whole point of marketing is to open the door to which business can walk, and business is not even going to approach the door without some direct sales efforts to bring it there. Few other businesses artificially partition “sales and marketing” the way law does, and reunification of these two related elements inevitably will take place in the coming years. Legal marketing and legal business development are going to merge, bringing together two separate yet intimately linked skill sets to the ultimate benefit of the practice of law.” [emphasis added].

What is law firm sales?

Law firm sales refers to the sophisticated discipline merging the research, identification, pursuit and capture of new business for lawyers and law firms.  I’ve written extensively on the subject based on more than 15 years experience in operating law and professional services sales pipelines in international markets.  

I would add to Furlong’s assessment:  Traditional legal marketing likely will be in the future subsumed (and thereby streamlined and improved) within legal sales pipelines as a means to augment and support what is, ultimately, the central element of new business generation for lawyers and law firms.

Posted by John Grimley

John Grimley edits and publishes Asia Law Portal. An independent writer & editor, he's the author of: A Comprehensive Guide to the Asia-Pacific Legal Markets (Ark Group 2014).

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