Australian online law firm LegalVision is generating 20 new customer leads per day from their inbound content strategy, according to their CEO and Founder Lachlan McKnight.  McKnight outlined the firm’s strategy in an interview this week with the Australasian Law Practice Management Association (ALPMA).

The interview was published after LegalVision was named 2015 ALPMA/InfoTrack Thought Leadership Awards at the ALPMA 2015 Summit last week,  LegalVision won the award as a result of their “award-winning innovative inbound customer acquisition strategy”.

The LegalVision strategy 

In order to cost effectively and efficiently generate new customer leaders, McKnight explained, LegalVision “Implemented an inbound content marketing strategy…requir[ing] a significant investment in creating a constant stream of legal articles for [the firm blog].”

“We’ve created over 1,000 pieces of unique content, a resource that Australian SMEs can now access completely free of charge”, McKnight told ALPMA. “We’ve also hired a full-time head of legal content, and built an inbound client care team to deal with the huge number of queries coming through.”

“The greatest impact of our inbound content strategy”, he explained, “has been on the new clients LegalVision has won through it.”

Content marketing works for law firms and legal services sector companies

Asia Law Portal has frequently outlined the value a content marketing initiative will bring to law firms and legal services sector companies.  And Australia’s LegalVision is proof the strategy works well.

Posted by John Grimley

John Grimley edits and publishes Asia Law Portal. He provides content marketing and social media services to international law firms and legal services sector organizations. He's the author of: A Comprehensive Guide to the Asia-Pacific Legal Markets, and can be reached at; Twitter: @johngrimley

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