As recent reports reflect, the demand for legal services is continuing to globalize.  Within this development lies opportunity for lawyers to expand their foreign client base.  One excellent method to help lawyers gain the attention of foreign clients is a law blog.  Any law firm in any jurisdiction in the world can seek to attract and retain foreign clients.

But what to blog about?  In a nutshell, foreign clients are most apt to seek the services of lawyers with a demonstrated expertise in the legal specialisms they might need in their effort to enter or expand into a particular jurisdiction.

These services can encompass many specialisms.  But more often than not – the specialisms that will be the first a foreign client will use will often revolve around any legal work associated with commercial business activity, assuming your client is a business.  And business owners more often than not seek lawyers who are strategic business advisors to their clients.  Therefore, lawyers seeking to attract the attention of foreign clients would be wise to first seeking to be a conduit to commercial opportunities for clients in your home jurisdiction.  Here’s 5 blogging topics to help you attract those clients:

  1. Local government contracting opportunities – In many jurisdictions around the world, government contracting represents a significant percentage of GDP.  Government contracts often represent a very lucrative opportunity for foreign companies.  And whether your law firm maintains a government contracts practice or not, blogging about it will attract foreign clients as it’s information about opportunity in your market.
  2. Trends in local mergers and acquisitions – Many foreign corporations interested in entering or expanding in a foreign jurisdiction are very interested in local mergers, acquisitions or joint-venture partnerships as a means by which to enter a new market.  Seek to be a regular conduit to this information.
  3. Trends in local corporate litigation — One of the most significant concerns any foreign corporate executives have in considering whether to enter a foreign market – is risk.  And in many markets – that risk comes in the form of tort or other litigation risk exposure.  Firms who blog about means by which to ameliorate litigation risk for foreign clients would certainly gain the attention of foreign corporate clients.
  4. News about local trade shows & trade associations – Commercial opportunities showcased by local trade associations and in trade shows and events are an excellent topic to blog about.  This demonstrates to foreign clients via your blog that your law firm maintains up-to-date knowledge of key commercial topics, trade and industry sector leaders and the comprehensive issues surrounding foreign corporate access to your market.
  5. Local legislative or regulatory trends —  Local legislative and regulatory changes, trends and updates are all very valuable information for foreign companies interested in doing business in any jurisdiction.  A law firm demonstrating a knowledge of this sometimes fast-changing dynamic will without question be a law firm foreign companies will seek to know and engage in your jurisdiction.


Posted by John Grimley

John Grimley edits and publishes Asia Law Portal. An independent writer & editor, he's the author of: A Comprehensive Guide to the Asia-Pacific Legal Markets (Ark Group 2014).

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