The April, 2013 Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) annual meeting in Seoul provided the inspiration for the founding of Asia Law Portal.  Conference attendees were told by Alan Hodgart that the Asia-Pacific legal market will double in size by 2017 – making it the second largest legal market in the world behind the United States.  In subsequent research for the book: A Comprehensive Guide to the Asia-Pacific Legal Markets, Dr. George Beaton predicted the market may double by as late as 2022.

The Asia-Pacific legal market is both immense and diverse. Geographically the market reaches from South Korea to India across South East Asia to the Pacific Islands.  As Yun Kriegler outlined in The Lawyer: “As Asia-Pacific becomes a critical part of the global legal services industry and its key economies and jurisdictions become more closely interlinked, the need for a holistic view of the legal landscape has never been greater.” “People who have spent some time in Asia, Kriegler continued, “will know the markets there are still in their early years and public information on the legal industry is scarce.”

Asia Law Portal provides legal services sector companies with the following options for publishing or promoting their services or products via our main blog and social media channels:

  1.  We provide an opportunity to publish original, not for publication elsewhere thought leadership-style pieces focused on the business of law in the Asia-Pacific legal markets.  These can take the form of Q&A style articles or narrative articles written by contributing authors.  We do not charge for the publication of these original thought leadership pieces about the business of law in Asia.
  2. We also offer a suite of reasonably-priced services which permit law firms and legal services sector companies to: A. Publish news releases, legal articles, lawyer profiles, or product or services informational articles.  B.  Promote events and C. Advertise.

In 2015, Asia Law Portal began a tradition of naming 30 people to watch in the business of law in the coming year.  This annual tradition received coverage from Straits Times in Singapore in January, 2018, in an article entitled:  5 from Singapore on Asia power list in business of law.  Notably, Dr. George Beaton of Australia’s Beaton Capital has called Asia Law Portal: “The only independent source of information and insights on the practice of law in the vast Asian region.”

Now in its’ fifth year in publication, Asia Law Portal will continue to strive to add to the understanding of the region’s legal markets — in particular, the economic opportunity it presents to lawyers, legal services sector professionals and the corporate management teams and entrepreneurs operating or seeking to operate within it.