ZICO Insights Law LLC

ZICO Insights Law LLC
ZICO Insights Law LLC

ZICO Law is the first network of leading independent local law firms with a full presence in 18 cities across all 10 ASEAN member countries. Our powerhouse of over 300 lawyers enable our clients to enjoy value-added legal services by leveraging on a combination of local expertise and regional insights. ZICO Law is associated with innovative, high quality and efficient services, as evidenced by numerous awards and top-tier rankings in the legal publications, regionally and internationally for our member firms and lawyers individually.

ZICO Law in Singapore is represented by ZICO Insights Law LLC, established in December 2015. The inclusion of a Singapore-qualified law practice expands ZICO Law’s existing ASEAN network to 18 cities in 10 out of 10 ASEAN countries and is a logical and intrinsic part of ZICO Law’s ASEAN network growth to complement the legal advisory services already provided by the other network members in Southeast Asia.

ZICO Insights Law is led by managing director Yap Lian Seng and first directors Chua Wei Min and David Lee.

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