unnamed (1)John Grimley, Asia Law Portal editor and publisher and author of A Comprehensive Guide to the Asia-Pacific Legal Markets — provides writing, editing, research and strategy services to the corporate and professional services sectors.

Writing & Editing

Based on 25 years’ experience as a professional writer & editor, John Grimley provides clients with services including the production of white-papers, research studies, website content, topical articles, books, e-books, press releases and marketing material.


John Grimley provides outsourced research services based on more than two decades of experience within the business development and research functions of professional services firms in international markets, the legislative and executive branches of US federal and state governments, and as an independent consultant to non-governmental organizations, think-tanks, multinational companies and publishers.


John Grimley provides clients with strategic guidance in digital and offline publishing in order to maximize research-driven written content creation efforts and achieve vital organizational objectives.  He bases his strategic advisement on more than two decades of international experience helping clients and employers merge written content creation with marketing, business development, public relations, media relations and digital and online publishing.

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