The International Law Section of the American Bar Association (@ABAInternatl) will gather on March 2-3, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan for the 2015 Asia Forum. The conference will focus on Recent Trends and Developments in the Regulatory Environment, Transactional Practice and Dispute Resolution.  As a follow-up to that original post, I had the opportunity to interview, via email, Sara Sandford – Vice Chair – ABA Section of International Law and Owner. GSB Law in Seattle and Elisa Kearney, Spokesperson, ABA 2015 Asia Forum and Partner, Davies in Ontario, Canada, about the conference.  Here is a transcript of that interview:

Grimley:  “The ABA has selected Tokyo as its’ venue for the 2015 Asia Forum.  How would you describe the importance of Tokyo as a focal point for ABA members?”

Sandford : “Tokyo has one of the highest concentrations of ABA members outside the United States. We want to offer our members a chance to enjoy some of their membership benefits closer to home.  Further, Tokyo has long been ranked among the very top cities in the world for its influence on global matters. Factoring in its business activity, human capital, economic stability, information exchange, cultural experience and political engagement.  We want to share that experience with our ABA members from other countries and invite those in Tokyo. Those who are not members of the ABA join us!

Grimley: “The Forum will be covering topics ranging from anti-corruption, antitrust, consumer protection, e-commerce, intellectual property, joint ventures to M&A transactions.  Among these topics – are there any specific issues ABA members. Their counterparts in the Asia-Pacific region should be focusing particular attention on?”

Kearney: “Many of the panels will discuss specific issues of government regulation and enforcement that can impact businesses in the ordinary course and highlight best practices for defending a client that is subject to a government investigation.”

Grimley:  “Japan and the United States enjoy a robust trade and investment relationship.  What are the key benefits lawyers from America and Japan will realize from attending this year’s Forum?”

Kearney: “Our clients do business all over the world. Some issues clients face are unique to the culture of the country in which they operate.  Other issues are similar in every jurisdiction.  The Asia Regional Forum presents an opportunity for lawyers in Japan and across Asia to exchange ideas and share best practices with lawyers. From the United States, Canada and other parts of the world.  It also presents an opportunity for lawyers from the United States to discuss the unique issues that their clients face in Asia.”

Grimley: “Will the Forum have a Twitter hashtag. So lawyers from around the world can follow the updates of those in attendance?”

Kearney: “#ABATokyo15”

The ABA 2015 Asia Forum presents a superb opportunity for lawyers to build ties focused on future and ongoing, professional co-operation.  The event is scheduled to take place at the Hilton, Tokyo (@hiltontokyoconc), March 2-3, 2015.  For further information, please see the American Bar Association (ABA) International Law Section event website.

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