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India: New Year New Beginnings

A new year comes with hope and belief in the betterment from the past year. After a recovery phase in the second of 2022, there is a ton of optimism in 2023. The expectation for an improved economic progress is not totally unfounded considering that the […]

A lawyer helping facilitate trade and investment between Asia and Europe. An interview with Delphine Constantin

Delphine Constantin is the Founder and Managing Director of D Sy Law, where she helps facilitate trade and investment between Europe and Asia. In this interview with Asia Law Portal, she explains her practice and its network of offices and how she has adopted an innovative […]

Singapore announces sanctions against Russia

Singapore unveiled its sanctions against Russia on 5 March 2022. These focus on the control of exports of military and technological goods to Russia and financial measures against Russian banks, entities and activities. Authors: Hagen Rooke Leigh T. Hansson Calvin Chan Alexander Brandt Catriona Casha Michael J. Lowell Singapore Foreign Minister Vivian […]