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Sourabh Gogna is the Vice President of the Professional Services sector in North America at The Smart Cube. With 15 years of consulting experience, Sourabh partners with leaders in professional services and corporate strategy, driving business growth, analytics, and cost optimisation. Prior to his current role, he managed the operations of the professional services practice in India, implementing innovative capabilities, solutions, and technologies. Sourabh, an alumnus of Delhi University and the National Law School, Bengaluru, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Business Management, and a Master’s in Business Law. Outside of work, he is the voice behind, a blog that provides data-driven insights for the North American professional services sector. Sourabh is a cricket enthusiast and follows the sport in his spare time.

Singapore: An Emerging Legal Hub in Asia

Singapore, a small trading port turned thriving global business hub, is on the rise. With a strategic vision, innovative policies, and relentless ambition, this city-state has become a powerhouse in Asia. With its ascent, law firms are seeing Singapore as an emerging legal hub. The Economist […]