Neeraj Dubey is a Partnerwith India’s Juris Corp. He has substantial experience in advising clients in employment, industrial and technology law. With expertise encompassing business law, regulatory and compliance. Along with experience in industry sectors including real estate & infrastructure, e-commerce, aggregators and a variety of new age start-ups & online platforms. For both in manufacturing and services. He has also advised companies in the aviation, automotive, chemicals, defence, energy, insurance, pharmaceuticals & healthcare and IT sectors.

In this interview with Asia Law Portal, Neeraj explains what inspired him to practice law, details his practice. And how he helps clients – and explains how technology has impacted his practice.

What inspired you to pursue a career in law?

Law as a profession not only ensures dignity but also financial assurance. Law constantly evolves and that makes it challenging. These dimensions attracted me to start studying law. The idea to pursue a career in law was seeded in law college. There I was exposed to wonderful professors. They provide all practical knowledge that one would need to understand the dynamics of law and its applicability. Then I met a few people who were working as lawyers. And their enthusiasm and ability to understand the issues quickly convinced me to take this path. I must have heard more than 100 lawyers, Indian and international, from diverse background. To understand their approaches and life while attending conferences or seminars. Each conversation, each story, and each novel I read was inspiring.

What is your legal practice focus and which firm do you work with?

Over the years, I have advised clients on entry strategies in India or starting a business or launch of a product, including choosing appropriate legal structures, their registration and licensing, conducting legal audits, handholding in commercial transactions or investments and counselled on issues arising in business. I have been advising clients in commercial, technology, employment, industrial and operational laws encompassing aspects of conduct of business, regulatory challenges, compliances, or dispute mitigation. I have experience in key industry sectors, both in manufacturing as well as services, like automotive (including electric vehicles), energy, aviation, pharma, medical devices, real estate, infrastructure, e-commerce, aggregators, and a variety of new age tech start-ups & online platforms, amongst others.

Currently, I am working as a Partner in a renowned multi-disciplinary law firm Juris Corp ( and operate from Bangalore office.

What types of challenges and opportunities do you help clients with?

Day-to-day handholding of clients in their business is my forte. It entails understanding the business and application of law in various difficult and diverse situations to provide a reasoned response. I partner with clients to understand their requirements, manage expectations, work together to obtain complete information/documents. And bring reasonableness to the table in terms of delivery schedule, form & format, limit the involvement of both parties in endless discussions/reviews. To minimize cost, and provide a practical legal solution.

And I nurture relationships with clients, which has a sense of trust and ambition. I sometimes go out of the way to ensure client’s satisfaction and maintain constant communication. The clients have acknowledged the clarity of concepts, responsiveness to their needs and adherence to the timelines. I aim to provide pragmatic advice and innovative solutions. The overwhelmingly positive feedback I receive from clients reflect the high priority I place on providing outstanding service to each client.

Does technology have an impact on your practice?

While lawyers focus heavily on interacting with non-lawyers and other business professionals, they also must invest some time in operating the associated tasks. Software have made the interaction easier and have invaded in territories like legal research, drafting, managing compliances, filings with authorities, execution of contracts, and communication. The need for flexible working transform with hybrid friendly technologies. In terms of firm or practice management, there are software to ease out the operations pertaining to billing, time management, raising of invoices etc. Microlearning is also eased with the advent of technology in our practice area as it eases the training and compliance management guide provided to lawyers. Technology also helps increase client satisfaction as client management portals help clients check the progress on their matters/assignments.

How can clients and referral sources contact you?

Anyone can contact me directly or through my LinkedIn profile or through the Firm’s portal. All my contact details are mentioned in both these places. You can also record them here: || M: +91 98186 04907 || +91 77388 34510

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