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Rob Green is the CEO of GRM Search and has been in senior level executive search for nearly 15 years. He has lived and recruited on 5 continents including Asia and Africa. His focus has been on hiring C-Suite management and Partners of Law firms, as well as team moves, team structure solutions, and strategic staffing advisory services. GRM Search has offices in Asia and Africa and Rob splits his time between the two. Rob is also the co-founder of the IP platform by InterProvise, a predictive data analysis and modelling algorithm. IP is a pioneering platform that brings a machine learning solution to all facets of team structure and collaboration, benchmarking, hiring, business strategy and solutions to inefficiencies.

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Why is Africa becoming so important for Asian law firms?

Are you considering Africa? Asia? The opportunities for law firms are abundant. It is well known that China is Africa’s largest economic partner with reportedly an approximate growth of 20 percent per year across all sectors bringing with it incredible opportunities for established firms as well […]