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Xu is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, faculty of law. Xu’s project examines the international governance and regulation of global sanitation and water services. The PhD research verges on both international investment law and human rights law, with a focus on the interplay between these bodies of law in the context of international arbitration. Xu’s PhD thesis seeks to provide the first exhaustive analysis of international disputes in the increasingly globalized challenges of water resource allocation. The stakes in arriving at a rational and effective normative regime for international water governance are considerable given the potential for high profits, the development of new technologies and the basic need of all human populations for water access. Her objective is to suggest legal developments that might enable states to better manage the privatization of water services. Xu’s academic publications include: " Trans-Pacific Partnership: A World Trade Revolution?,” APEC Currents (2016); “Investment Rule-making in Asia-European Union Relations,” Cambridge University Press (2018); “Challenges of Water Governance (and Privatization) in China”47 Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law (2018). Xu is currently working on a new article which critically examines the application of the proportionality principle across two decades of investment disputes. Qian Xu has presented her work at many academic events including the “water event” (Lisbon, June, 2016) and the Asia FDI Forum II, III and IV (respectively, May 2016, March 2017 and March 2018). More recently, Qian Xu was the Hong Kong delegate to the 2018 Young Leaders' Energy Forum which allowed her to foster her research on the impact of climate change on water services regulation. Xu also was the team leader of CUHK law team at the Tsinghua Moot (April 2017) which achieved a third place. She also co-organized the 2018 Hong Kong Law Research Postgraduate Symposium ( Qian Xu holds a BA from Heilongjiang University (2012), a LLM from CUHK Law (2014), and a post-graduate diploma from the Academy of International Trade and Investment Law (2015). She is a member of the Asian Academy of International Law (AAIL).

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Energy Security and Climate Change in East Asia-Trilateral Cooperation towards a Sustainable Future

China, Japan and South Korea are undergoing rapid and comprehensive transformations in developing the intelligent and sustainable use of energy and other natural resources. These changes are driven by new strategies towards energy security and climate change mitigation. Given that future China-Japan-South Korea energy cooperation will […]