MyLawman ( is one of the fastest growing Legal Community websites for Legal Resource sharing. And an e-learning platform for law students, legal professionals and legal academia.  In this interview with Asia Law Portal, MyLawman leadership explains the challenges and opportunities law students in India face. And how MyLawman is helping them on their journey.

What is MyLawman?

MyLawman ( is one of the fastest growing Legal Community website for Legal Resource sharing. And an e-learning platform for law students, legal professionals and legal academia. As a one-stop solution, MyLawman caters to differential needs of Law students and professionals across different divisions. With legal blogs, opportunities, journal, judiciary preparation and e-learning content including online courses and professional trainings. MyLawman is a growing family of around 250 law students as volunteers/interns and campus ambassadors. Along with hundreds of law faculties on board. MyLawman partners with Law Schools, Law Firms, Domain Experts (resource persons) and NGOs working in the field of Law to build. And disseminate legal knowledge to learners/legal fraternity.

How do you help law students in India?

We at MyLawman provide law students and persons unrestricted access to legal resources and articles of Law. We believe that

‘Knowledge is free and to stay update especially for law and its opportunities is one’s Natural Right’

Apart from this, we have made MyLawman a one-click solution for law students. There we provide them with several accessible & low cost services required for the skill development of law students. Like, our law blog cell provides them with various law blogs under several categories like guest post, expert series, law notes, legal articles, case briefs, know your rights & know your law. Our opportunity cell, provides law students with a bunch of benefits & opportunities organised by different institutions across the globe. And this include many sub heads like call for paper, conference & seminar, Moot Court Competition, etc.

Apart from this, we have our legal updates cells. There we provide law students with daily updates related with the field of law. We have our other cells like Internship Cell, which provide with internship opportunity to law students at MyLawman. In Research & Innovation Division we have various research activities on various topics is ongoing. We organises various events like conferences, seminars, competitions, certificate courses, etc. Along with publication of our Journal titled MyLawman Socio Legal Review; to further the goal of innovative legal research. MyLawman ProAcademy collaborates with the eminent personalities & law firms across the globe of the fraternity to bring in trainings and courses for law students, legal professionals, law professors & people interested in law. With some other divisions, like MyLawman Academic Publications, etc. MyLawman works for the welfare of particularly students and in general legal fraternity.

Who is on the MyLawman team?

MyLawman Team consists of a team comprising of professionals & students from the field of law & other fields at different levels and capacity. The founding members of MyLawman consists of Mr. Abhinav K Mishra, founder & CEO of MyLawman, AI Policy Fellow at CAI DP Washington, Doctoral Fellow in AI & Law from United Nations mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica & Invited Research Fellow at Institute of Intellectual Property, Tokyo, Partner of LexPlex- Legal Tech Consultancy, Adjunct Professor, (IP and Media Laws) Lloyd Law College and Guest lecturer at Indian Law Institute, New Delhi & Mr. Harshit Kiran (BBA LLB), Chief Operating Officer, MyLawman & Director- EC, AGISS Research Institute. Our Core Team Consist of Ayushi Gupta, Saumya Aditi, Vikas Pandey & Srishty Jaiswal.

We have on board, ADV. PRAVIN H. PAREKH, Conferred Padma Shri by the Hon’ble President of India & Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Prof. (Dr.) K B Asthana, Professor & Dean, Maharishi Law School, Dr. Annu Bahl Mehra, Associate Professor & Deputy Dean, Maharishi Law School, DR. NEELAM SEAM, Associate Professor , Gitarattan International Business School, DR. CHIRANJI LAL, Additional Librarian, Amity University, Greater Noida, Dr. Suvesh Kumar, Advocate- Supreme Court of India & Founder & Managing Trustee- AGISS Research Institute & ADV. VIKRAM SRIVASTAVA, Advocate- Supreme Court of India, Founder- Independent Thought as our Advisory Board Members.

What are some of the major challenges and opportunities law students face in India?

According to me law students faces several challenges viz. economic gap, knowledge gap, social inequality, research understanding, language gap, no knowledge of use of technology & research tools, etc.

Some of the major challenges & opportunities that law students face in India are:

  1. They don’t know how to have good research skills.
  2. We often hear that they have less time & more work to do but they even don’t know that where they should surf to get a quality content.
  3. They even face problems with the new technologies & their use.
  4. They don’t know from where to get good internship opportunities, moot court competitions and more over which courses & organizations to believe which can add to their resume.
  5. Even many of the times, it we observe that due to lack of quality content & stuffs. They face problems with their studies & they lack interest which at last harms them in clearing concept.

Apart from this, there are many other problems as well like politics (students & otherwise), which event to attend which not to, how to study as it contains many subjects, how to learn sections, from where to receive good training for research & other skills, what to do to improve other skills required for being a good legal professional, which field to opt after completion of law like corporate, litigation & many other such doubts, confusions and challenges are there in the mind of law students.

MyLawman is working on the solutions & trying to fill the gaps.

How are blogging and social media uniquely helpful to law students?

According to us, blogging & social media is helpful to law students in many ways. In today’s digital age, blogging helps students by providing them a platform. They can get their opinion & their unique ideas & thoughts about some topics people publish. Which not only help them but also help the society at large. When good contents are being published on blog, it helps to create a good platform for the researchers where they can find the personal opinion of an individual as well as many of the times one even gets to understand some difficult concepts in an easy way.

Accordingly, social media can be a good platform for law students to establish their presence online. And also to create new and helpful professional connections. If the students are able to establish the connections strategically. In a good way, it can help them in securing good internship opportunities. And not only this but it has also been observed that in many cases it also helps them in reaching a good position. Even to secure a good job & such other opportunities.

Blogs could prove to be a helpful tool for knowledge dissemination. And expression of the opinion regarding new topics, timely & concisely. The law students by going through those blogs may be able to get the birds eye view of all unknown & contemporary discussions. Therefore, MyLawman provides an opportunity to law students to publish their legal blogs as well as we also publish expert opinions & expert blogs strengthening the knowledge of law students. In todays time, even social media proves to be a very important tool in shaping the professional life & networking skills required for a law professional.

How can law students in India get involved with MyLawman?

Not only the law students in India but across the globe can get involved with MyLawman by joining our internship/ different programs ( of our different divisions, whose notifications are brought in time to time on MyLawman Career Page.

Essentially, we being a legal resource sharing portal, we encourage law students’ submission for legal articles, blogs, law notes & other different categories to get published on MyLawman ( For more academic approach, we have our journal MyLawman Socio Legal Review ( where students & professionals alike can submit their paper.

MyLawman ProAcademy (, a section of MyLawman brings in industry relevant trainings and courses. There students can register at a very nominal price which could be helpful for their skill & professional development.

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