Jakarta, the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia is a major commercial and financial hub of the country. Once a seaport district, Jakarta is now a vibrant and fast-growing metropolis.

This bustling multicultural city is home to over 10 million people and the number increases during the day as workers from neighboring areas flock the city. Here is a quick guide to help lawyers and legal professionals effectively navigate this busy city during their visits.

Getting Around Jakarta

Jakarta is ranked among the cities with the world’s worst traffic. It offers many options to get around the city, yet it can be a little tricky for visitors. So we have shortlisted a few of the most convenient ways of getting around this crowded city.

Taxi: Taxis are easy to find and hail in Jakarta and a convenient way of getting around. You may also order a taxi through Grab or GoJek apps.

Motorcycle Taxi: If you are travelling short distance, Ojeks or a motorcycle taxi is the quickest and a convenient way of getting there. Ojeks can be found on most street corners. Companies like Grab and GoJek also provide motorcycle taxi service.

TransJakarta: It is a modern air conditioned bus which has a dedicated line that will help you avoid the crazy traffic during rush hours.

KRL Commuter line: It is another way of beating the traffic but doesn’t have a fixed schedule. It also can be overcrowded during the rush hours.

Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping and Entertainment

Commuting can be very time-consuming in Jakarta, hence it is important to choose the area where you stay with care. Menteng and Kemang are two of the most popular areas among tourists. These commercial districts of Jakarta offer fine dining restaurants, bars, luxurious malls and hotels as well as budget accommodations, all in one place.

Jakarta is also home to some unique fine dining restaurants with exquisite cuisines and countless shopping malls that spoil you with unlimited shopping options.

While Jakarta is not as popular among the tourist as Indonesia’s other destinations like Bali, it has a lot to be discovered. Here are few of the places that are worth visiting on a short trip.

Indonesia Legal Resources

  • Indonesian Advocates Association (IKADIN):  Ikatan Advokat Indonesia (IKADIN) was established in 1985 as an ideological foundation based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

IKADIN is responsible for carrying out the noble mission of Advocates, to participate in developing the Republic of Indonesia’s legal state as well as developing the profession of advocates with integrity and professionalism.

  • Indonesian Corporate Counsel Association:  ICCA was founded in 2004 by six in-house legal counsels from various multinational companies in Indonesia. The main objective of the establishment of ICCA is to increase awareness of the role of in-house legal counsel within the business and legal communities in Indonesia.

You can find more information about the Bar Association of Jakarta and Legal System of Indonesia here.

Foreign lawyers are permitted to practice in Indonesia in association with Indonesian firms.  Lawyers are require to provide 10 hours per month of pro bono services. In the areas of legal education, legal research or government legal service.

Foreign lawyers wishing to work in Indonesia must submit relevant documentation to the Ministry for a permit.

Jakarta Legal Hackers

If you are interested in exploring innovations in legal tech, and developing creative solutions to some of the most pressing issues at the intersection of law and technology you may join Jakarta Legal Hackers.

They regularly meet up to share information and ideas related to technology that can transform the practice of law.

Top Law Firms in Indonesia

Listed below are some of the top law firms in Jakarta:

Visit Asia Law Portal to read an article by one of SSEK’s lawyers about how Indonesia is working on simplifying business licensing with the Online Single Submission (OSS) system.

SSEK’s Managing Partner also recently detailed in Asia Law Portal what opportunities exist for foreign investors in Indonesia.

Legal Events in Jakarta

Follow Asia Law Portal to get more news and updates on recent and upcoming legal events in the Asia-Pacific legal markets.

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