Leaders in legal technology from around the world are poised to gather in Hong Kong for the Legal Inno’ Tech Forum.  The Forum will take place at ESPACE in Central Hong Kong on Thursday, June 8, 2017 between 2 pm and 5:30 pm.

The backdrop for this timely conference is the rapid change and disruption currently impacting the legal services sector.  The event is being organized by The In-House Community in association with Axiom. The Forum wil bring together legal decision-makers to learn about these changes and how to embrace them as a means to transform their organizations.

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Is LegalTech going to have a “Fintech moment”?

Kirsty Dougan, Head of Axiom Asia, will open the event with introductory remarks.  A pioneer of NewLaw in Asia, Dougan provided a preview of her remarks in an email interview for this article: “Law is currently going through an evolutionary phase — from artisanal to industrial to digital — and law in the future will be tech-enabled — but services-led.”

Dougan explained that:  “Before LegalTech can have its analogous ‘FinTech moment’, the legal industry needs to make headway on a services-led change program to get people/companies operating in a new way.  Then, and only then, can legal successfully introduce technology solutions that can be adopted to support and underpin that change.  In other words, we have to build the factories before we can embrace the tools that make the factory better.  And, that’s exactly what Axiom is doing with our more forward-leaning clients.  Together, we’re creating the factory framework and making real advances in the early days of legal standardization/automation.”

Dougan summed it up by explaining: “The question as to whether LegalTech is going to have a ‘Fintech moment’ isn’t now or never…it’s when.”

Law as a Team Sport

Also scheduled to address those in attendance is Mitch Kowalski, visiting professor in legal innovation at the University of Calgary Law School, a Fastcase 50 Global Legal Innovator, and principal consultant at Cross Pollen Advisory  — on the issue of “Law as a Team Sport”.

Will law firms become software companies?

Peter Connor, Founder and CEO of AlternativelyLegal, will address the question: ‘Will Law Firms become software companies? — implications for in-house counsel.

What’s driving legal change in Asia?

Kirsty Dougan will moderate a panel entitled: What is driving legal change in Asia? And the innovative ways legal and advisory services are being delivered.  Panelists will include: Nick Seddon (Director, Seddon And Co.), Bill Novomisle, (Founder and Chief Design Officer, In-Gear Legalytics Limited), Crystal Lalime (Managing Director and Head of Global Markets Legal — Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse) — and Ronald Yu (Director, Gilkron)

AI, RegTech, Data Protection and eDiscovery:  The spectrum of legal and advisory services

A second panel session entitled: Spectrum of Legal and Advisory Services, including AI, RegTech, Data Protection and eDiscovery will include panelists: Fred Chan (Director, Navigant), Michael Lin (US Patent Attorney Partner, Marks & Clerk), Matthew J. Kendrick (General Counsel, Daimler Greater China, Ltd.), and Henri Arslanian (FinTech & RegTech Lead for China and Hong Kong — PwC.).

For more information or to attend the Forum:

Please see the conference website at: http://www.inhousecommunity.com/registration-form-legal-innotech-pp/ – or contact Rahul Prakash: Tel:  (852) 2542 1225 Email: rahul.prakash@inhousecommunity.com

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