The New Normal Legal & Compliance Leadership Program will take place in Hong Kong (May 23 & 24), Shanghai (May 26 & 27), Singapore (May 30 & 31) and Sydney (June 2 & 3).  Conducted by Peter Connor, Founder & CEO of AlternativelyLegal, a newly established consulting and training business focused on helping both in-house and law firm lawyers enhance the value of their services to their clients. The program emphasizes the practical over the theoretical using examples and case studies from Connor’s uniquely diverse and global legal and business career.

Key “New-Normal” realities facing lawyers explained

The expression “the New Normal” was coined by Patrick Lamb and Paul Lippe and refers to the constant and unprecedented changes in just about every aspect of the legal profession and the impact it is having on everyone working in it.

Connor says that “providing sound, practical and commercial legal advice is no longer sufficient for lawyers in the so-called “New Normal”. Clients are now looking for lawyers to help prevent and solve business problems and also to help create business efficiencies and opportunities”. Progressive law firms and NewLaw businesses are now offering clients a varied range of services and products that go beyond just legal advice.

Connor believes that “In order thrive in the “New Normal” both in-house and law firm lawyers need new and different knowledge, skills and experience.  These new skills include an understanding of how to use process improvement, Design Thinking, project management, change acceptance and technology to innovate and add value to the services they provide to clients”.

Solutions for both in-house and law firm lawyers

The new essential knowledge and skills lawyers need in “The New Normal” are not taught in law school.  And it’s difficult to learn them through on-the-job training.  Connor has developed his expertise in these areas through over 30 years of experience re-inventing law and compliance while living and working in the U.S, Europe, Asia and Australia as a general counsel to Citrix and Sun Microsystems (where he was the recipient of the prestigious Sun Microsystems Leadership Award), a senior associate with a large global law firm and as VP of Product Development at a technology-led New Law business.

This 360-degree global experience in the legal industry means that Connor is uniquely placed to help both in-house and law firm lawyers and to provide valuable insights into thinking about services from the client’s perspective.. The New Normal Legal & Compliance Leadership Program will provide in-depth and invaluable guidance to those lawyers seeking to develop their abilities and to enhance their marketability at a time of significant and transformational change in the legal industry.

Making a bigger impact  — and having more fun

In outlining his motivation for establishing AlternativelyLegal and staging the The New Normal Legal & Compliance Leadership Program in Asia, Connor explained:  “I genuinely love challenging the status quo. I have really enjoyed working with my teams throughout the world over the years re-inventing what we do and how we do it. Now I want to share what I have learned with others and show them that their work can be more valued by their clients and more varied, interesting and, frankly, more fun”.

How to attend The New Normal Legal & Compliance Leadership Program

The New Normal Legal and Compliance Leadership Program™ is being organized by leading events organizer InnoXcell and will take place in Hong Kong (May 23 & 24), Shanghai (May 26 & 27), Singapore (May 30 & 31) and Sydney (June 2 & 3).  For more information about, or to register for, the Program please get in touch with or call 852-9232-2399 and quote asialaw2016.

Connor is also available to provide law firms or in-house legal departments with customized training or consulting and may be contacted via AlternativelyLegal or

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