India’s legal industry is booming, and there’s room for growth

“India[s] legal services industry is growing at a rate of about 40% per annum”, according to a report by Daisy Khanna, of KPO Consultants, a New Delhi-based consulting company which provides business solutions exclusively to the Legal Process […]

Hong Kong, China gateway: An interview with Deacons Executive Partner, Jeremy Lam

Introduction I wrote recently about Hong Kong’s role as both a gateway into China, but also as a superb conduit for Chinese outbound foreign investment, as the China Daily reported recently, echoing a sentiment expressed earlier this year […]

US law firms: Why now is a good time to build a Chinese client base

While much attention has rightfully been paid over the last decade to the opportunity the Chinese market presents for US companies, it is also vitally important to remember the importance of Chinese foreign direct investment into the […]

Japan’s record breaking overseas investment boom

Japan overseas investments reach twenty-two year high Following up on my blogpost of July 5th entitled “The enormous opportunity Japan now offers lawyers everywhere”: The Jakarta Globe reported in an article this past Sunday, July 15th that:  “Japan Inc. […]

Malaysian legal market opening to foreign firms

As the Star Online reported last month from Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian Parliament [The Dewan Rakyat] passed the Legal Profession (Amendment) Bill of 2012, which will soon allow foreign lawyers to open offices and practice law in […]

The enormous growth opportunity Japan now offers lawyers everywhere

I recently had the opportunity to spend time in Tokyo meeting with managing partners and senior lawyers from small, medium-sized and large law firms.  Some were from domestic firms and others from international overseas-based firms […]

Hong Kong mid-sized law firms: How to become a bridge to and from China

On a recent visit to Hong Kong I met with a number of senior lawyers from mid-sized independent Hong Kong law firms to discuss their business development objectives, and there appeared to be a consensus among […]

China begins to invest heavily in Central Europe: how professional services firms can benefit

In recent months, China has begun to invest more heavily in Central and Eastern Europe.  As Spiegel has reported: ”Last month, at the April 26 China-Central Europe-Poland Economic Forum in Warsaw, Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao announced the […]

The worlds largest law firm has a sales team – and so can yours

DLA Piper – whose revenue grew 14.6% last year as the firm rose to become the second highest grossing law firm in America – maintains a dedicated sales division – and so can yours. Formed […]

Latin America – Asia bilateral trade growth offers law firms new business opportunities

The high growth and increasingly mutually engaged economies of Latin America and Asia offer significant new business development opportunities to law firms and other professional services firms – provided they put in place and execute […]

South Korea’s lucrative legal market opens to foreign firms

As a result of two recent landmark free trade agreements between South Korea and the European Union and the United States, the South Korean legal market will now be open for American and European law […]

Singapore legal market liberalization: How your law firm can benefit

Jessica Seah reports in an article entitled Singapore to Allow Domestic-Foreign Law Firm Mergers which appeared on February 15, 2012 in The Asian Lawyer that Singapore’s Parliament has approved legislative changes that would clear the way for […]