Le Tien Dat is Managing Partner of ADK & Co Vietnam Lawyers, focusing on assisting businesses achieve vital commercial objectives in the country’s fast-growing economy.  In this interview with Asia Law Portal, he explains the firm’s client-centric approach, opportunities for foreign investors in the country, and the unique challenges of managing a successful boutique corporate law practice.

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What is ADK & Co Vietnam Lawyers and what inspired its founding?

ADK & Co Vietnam Lawyers is an acronym for “Advance – Diversity – Knowledge”. It’s also our inspired to found ADK & Co Vietnam Lawyers. The most important factor of a lawyer is legal knowledge. It is a prerequisite in the professional activities of lawyers. The lawyers’ team of legal consultancy has a deep awareness of many different fields to meet of need’s clients and society. This shows the diversity of knowledge and diversity in diverse fields and audiences. Over time, the change of law motivates us to keep improving. Advance on the ability of everyone, advance in the operation of the organization, advance in services provided to clients, and contributing to the progress of the country’s economy. Therefore, comprehensive development is in the direction of the operation and development of ADK & Co Vietnam Lawyers.

What are the firm’s core practice areas? What is your practice focus?

Our core practice area is to provide comprehensive legal services to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our clients in the best way possible. Our outstanding legal services include: Corporate and Commercial, Mergers & Acquisitions, Intellectual Property, Dispute Resolution, Labor, Marriage and Family, Engineering – Construction, Real Estate, and other practices. All of the above fields are carried out by our team of professional and experienced lawyers.

Besides, our practice focus is on “Client’s Satisfied and Success”. ADK & Co Vietnam Lawyers develops with the customer-centric motto, and we will not merely be a law firm but act as a trustworthy legal partner of the Client.

What opportunities exists in Vietnam for foreign investors?

Vietnam has been affirmed that it is an ideal market for foreign investors to invest in by some the following reason:

  • Have a strategic geographical location, located in Southeast Asia’s center, terrain with long sea-coast is a prime location for international transport and trade routes.
  • The politics are stable, consistent in legal policies and socio-economic development policies.
  • The market economy is dynamic, constantly improving towards opening up, transparency, and creating favorable conditions for foreign investors to enter the Vietnamese market.
  • A member of many free trade agreements. Some trade agreements that Vietnam has signed: free trade agreements between Vietnam – EU (EVFTA); Member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The Vietnamese market has broken down many barriers for foreign investors and has many policies to open and encourage foreign investment.
  • Infrastructure and transportation systems are improved and upgraded. Invest in the build of many highways, border and gate routes, harbors, industrial parks, and high-tech parks.
  • The workforce is young, with high qualifications, highly competitive, skilled, and adapted to oneself to environments. However, the labor market has competitive costs, lower labor costs than the leading emerging markets in Southeast Asia.

As Managing Partner of a Vietnamese corporate law firm – what are your prime concerns about business growth and management?

As Managing Partner of Vietnam Law Firm, what I the most concerns about business growth and management are the human factor and legal service quality take our clients. First of all, we appreciate the members who have been contributing to the development of ADK & Co. Therefore, at ADK & Co, we take human factor at the center of enhancement. Here, people are not just doing their assigned jobs, but I always create opportunities to develop for you to have the capacity to be liberated. To the outside, we appreciate our clients who trust us can solve their legal problems, their business. It is mutual trust. To handle those issues, the quality of service is something that I can assure our clients and bring the best value to them. Becoming a trustworthy legal partner and helping clients achieve the most satisfaction is the company’s development moral compass.

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