Mika Isac Kriyasa specializes in the practice of Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law (TMT), based in Jakarta, Indonesia as a Partner with Dentons HPRP.  In this interview with Asia Law Portal, he explains what inspired him to practice law and what challenges and opportunities he helps clients with.

What inspired you to pursue a career in law?

I was always mesmerise by the lawyers I saw. Whether fictional or real, because they seemed to be good people who helped the weak but at the same time had a large income. They do not easily become fool or lie to by others. Because they understood how to do things effectively and efficiently. Because of their understanding of the prevailing laws. These outstanding figures made me choose a career in the law.

What is your legal practice focus and which firm do you work with?

I work for Dentons HPRP.  Most of my work is to do with TMT law, although I do have other work such as in Investment, Restructuring, and Financing. But most of my focus is on TMT.

What types of challenges and opportunities do you help clients with?

Clients’ biggest challenge is to adopt to laws and regulations. And how the provisions of regulations support the clients’ businesses. Especially in the TMT sector, technology develops quickly, leaving the law trailing behind. And so frequently the greatest challenge is to relate existing law to the way business is now being done. Every opportunity, including the opportunities from new technology being pursued by companies, needs to be implemented in accordance with the prevailing law. This is where I can help clients’ businesses for a reasonable fee but providing progressive solutions so that business achieves its maximum potential, where it can make a lot of profit.

Does technology have an impact on your practice?

Naturally, because most of my work is related to technology law.

How can clients and referral sources contact you?

Through social media: Linkedin: Mika Isac Kriyasa, S.H., M.H.

Email: mika.kriyasa@dentons.com or mika.hpp@gmail.com

Mobile: +628119112743

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