The Thai Corporate Counsel Association (THAI-CCA) officially makes its debut as Thailand’s first formal corporate counsel association, serving the third largest legal community in the Asia-Pacific region. The association was launched at the inaugural GC Powerlist Thailand 2023, held in partnership with the Legal 500, on June 22nd.

Founded in February this year, the association’s mission is to foster the development of knowledge, practical experience, legal innovation, best practices, career and professional growth, legal industry trends, and the advancement of technologies in the legal profession through education, networking, and community initiatives.

“Our objective is to bring together all GCs and corporate counsel based in Thailand,” said founder and co-president Sahachai Wibuloutai. “The THAI-CCA will not only serve as a voice for our in-house legal profession but also act as a valuable sounding board for our fellow corporate counsels working in Thailand.”

The THAI-CCA was established by a group of Thailand’s leading corporate counsels who, from their professional experience, identified a knowledge gap in the country’s legal community that needed to be promoted and developed through a professional body. Therefore, the association will focus its efforts in three key areas:

i. The Academy: To enhance the capabilities of in-house lawyers by organizing educational seminars to promote leadership and professional development;

ii. The Network: To unite all in-house lawyers based in Thailand and connect them with a broader network of in-house lawyers from across Asia Pacific.

iii. The Community: To promote professional excellence and uphold the highest ethical standards governing the practice of law in a corporate setting. The association aims to share career opportunities, develop the next generation of in-house lawyers, and build a collaborative in-house legal community.

In-house lawyers based in Thailand are encouraged to become members of the THAI-CCA to gain full access to its network of legal professionals and participate in its educational and community activities. Plans are underway for an annual law conference, seminars, and soft-skill training sessions tailored for in-house counsels. Membership registration is available at

Before the official launch event started, the THAI-CCA formally acceded to a regional collaboration of the Asia Pacific Corporate Counsel Alliance (APCCA) as the 7th Country Member following India, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore and Sri Lanka. The common goal of the seven alliance members is to promote the importance of the in-house counsels for the business and legal communities in the region. At the accession agreement signing ceremony at Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel in Bangkok, Anil Changaroth, Director of International Relations & Membership, represented APCCA while Sahachai Wibuloutai and Maprang Sombatthai jointly represented the THAI-CCA. The signing ceremony was witnessed by the THAI-CCA’s founding members and a representative from the Singapore Corporate Counsel Association (SCCA).

“Warmest welcome to the THAI-CCA as the 7th Country Member of APCCA”, said Arlene G. Lapuz Ureta, Secretary General of APCCA. “We look forward with excitement to working and collaborating with the THAI-CCA to promote the professional advancement of corporate counsels in our Asia-Pacific region”.

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