The Legal Iconoclasts aim to help provoke, explain, and champion change in what many see as an out-dated cottage industry.

Make no mistake…the professional services market, in its current form, is being disrupted. There is a battle for talent, and a demand from the work force to work in an “agile” manner.

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There are new technology-based entrants to the legal services market.

New businesses are being created every day by a new generation of owners that expect their lawyers to be reflective of who they are and how they work.

Clients and lawyers are becoming more vocal about their dislike of the billable hour.

The legal industry is changing at a pace like never before, as the American author William Gibson wrote, “The future is already here—it’s just not very evenly distributed.“

Things must change. The time for the iconoclasts has arrived. Adopt carte blanche to change.

About Legal Iconoclasts EXPO #1

The Legal Iconoclast EXPO #1 is unashamedly different. It’s being held on different dates and time zones to promote the event to legal professionals all over the world for starters.

Legal Iconoclasts from all over the world will gather at EXPO #1 in a new way- a virtual conference and networking event. This is not a Zoom or Teams meeting!

Our event uses the latest virtual conference software REMO, which allows delegates to network, visit different sponsors rooms, attend speaking events in the main lecture  theatre and even receive virtual delegate packs.

At EXPO #1 delegates will hear from speakers from three different parts of the world in what promises to be a high-energy, thought-provoking session dealing with the dreaded billable hour and how it might be ditched, so lawyers can agree a price for the value they deliver, not the time spent.

During the four-hour event, delegates will receive a brief introduction to:

  • Rainmaking best practice. Winning the work.
  • The advantages of ditching the billable hour and embracing value pricing in the legal sector.
  • How value is assessed. How lawyers can capture it.
  • The benefits that value pricing brings to clients, law firms and, most importantly, the lawyers.
  • Removing the artificial fee cap imposed by the billable hour and increase profit on the bottom line.

EXPO #1 Learning Aims and Objectives:

  • How lawyers win work now.
  • How they can win more by rainmaking.
  • How lawyers price now.
  • What do customers want?
  • What is value?
  • Value Pricing defined.
  • Common myths.
  • Why change?
  • New mindset.
  • Objections.
  • Meeting the customer.
  • Questions for the customer.
  • Questions for your lawyers.
  • Golden rules.
  • Advantages for customers, law firms and lawyers.
  • Starting the journey.
  • Final thoughts.


John Chisholm – John Chisholm Consulting

John describes himself as a 3rd generation “recovering” lawyer, previously a partner, managing partner and chief executive of Australian law firms.

John established his own consultancy in 2005 to share his expertise and experience with professional firms who look to maximise their performance by adopting better and different business models and mindsets. He now speaks, educates, facilitates, coaches and consults.

As a practising lawyer John was well placed to experience first-hand both the benefits but also the drawbacks of the professions billing their services solely by reference to time. For 15 years he has worked with many professional firms (and their customers) around the world equipping them to transform for success by helping them to understand the value they create and how to capture that value with strategic pricing.

John is a Senior Fellow of the VeraSage Institute, an international think tank of thought leaders and innovators for professional firms, Adjunct Professor of Law at La Trobe University Law School (2018-2021), Fellow of the College of Legal Practice Management (US) and Distinguished Fellow Centre for Legal Innovation (Aus) 2019-2020. He has written numerous articles, papers, and blogs on pricing and

business model change and has presented and spoken to thousands of professionals on the topic.

Scott Simmons – Legal Balance Ltd

Scott is a toolbox for turning lawyers into rainmakers.

After a successful career in law where he faced similar situations to the lawyers of today, he discovered a love of coaching and training that has seen him coaching young professionals on how to build their own careers, as well as more senior executives to become rainmakers. 

He offers bespoke training, coaching and leadership courses to professionals at all stages of their career and developed The BD Breakthrough Blueprint©, a two-day training course, to facilitate this. Scott has spent the last eight years coaching and training lawyers and regularly writes and speaks on the subject of professional services business development.

Scott is a husband and father and an avid film lover, so do not be surprised when he includes a BD analogy relating to ‘Jaws’ or ‘When Harry Met Sally’ into any training or coaching session.

Shaun Jardine – Big Yellow Penguin Ltd

Shaun is unashamedly and unapologetically a disruptor and an iconoclast.

As a solicitor, commercial director, and former law firm CEO of a top 250 law firm, he has a unique insight into what makes law firms tick and how to exploit the good bits and ditch the bad.

Shaun founded Big Yellow Penguin (BYP) in 2021 with the aim of encouraging and helping lawyers and law firms to move on from the 20th century and adopt practices, including value pricing, which will make their futures more secure, both financially and operationally, and enjoy practising their craft again.

Jacqui Brown – Director Lynn & Brown

As a director of Lynn & Brown Lawyers, Jacqui focusses on providing exceptional family law, wills and probate advice. 

Like other law firms, Lynn & Brown Lawyers too once used time-based billing. In 2017, the firm moved to value-based pricing and the benefits have been phenomenal for both the firm and for their valued clients.

Jacqui will be explaining more  about her firms value-based pricing model, their journey in ripping up the timesheets and switching to value-based pricing, why they did it, how the firm quote and price proposals, and the outcomes it allows them to provide to their clients.

Meet fellow legal iconoclast attendees and providers to the legal profession

Attendees will get ample chance to network with fellow legal iconoclast attendees as well as providers to the legal profession such as:

that assist lawyers in transitioning to a better way of practising their craft. 

Two virtual events

Two virtual events are being held over 2 time zones to cater for lawyers all over the world. If you have never attended an event via REMO, here’s your chance-it is a great experience.

Event 1
Tuesday 6th September 2022


Commencing 9am BST. Concludes 1pm BST.
Venue: Online

Event 2
Wednesday 7th September 2022

Australia, Asia, USA and Latin America

Commencing 9pm BST, concludes 1am BST.
1pm PDT (Los Angeles),
4pm EDT (New York),
6am AEST (in Eastern Australia the expo starts on Thursday 8th September at 6am AEST).
Venue: Online

Register here

There are a limited number of spots available, and if you feel you would like to be part of this iconoclastic event, you can book by clicking here.

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