Technology has changed virtually every industry, including the legal profession. New technology, cutting-edge apps and software, and automation have all helped reduce expenses and drastically increased productivity. However many people are still hesitant to completely embrace technology, including legal professionals. Here are a few reasons why you should take the leap:

Technology Saves Time

Lawyers and paralegals spend a big chunk of their time on tedious tasks such as filing paperwork, timekeeping, accounting and billing. These are essential and important tasks, yet none of them actually qualify as legal work. Law practice management software like Rocket Matter makes performing these tasks easier and speeds things up considerably.

Rocket Matter allows you to track time quickly and easily across all your devices. You will never miss a moment of billable time again, and all it takes is a click of a button. Rocket Matter’s legal billing software also allows you to quickly and efficiently create and send invoices to your clients. You can even create multiple bills in one go with its batch billing feature.

These are just some of the tasks that technology helps with to make things go faster in your firm.

Technology Helps Keep Information Secure

Many people are wary of cloud-based systems because they aren’t sure how secure these systems are. The truth is that data stored in the cloud is probably a lot more secure than information that is stored on your computer.

Cloud storage involves heavy encryption that is extremely difficult to crack. The information itself is stored in hard drives in remote locations that are heavily guarded physically and digitally. Using cloud-based systems can help you better protect your client’s privacy and confidentiality.

Technology Helps You Save Money

Because legal software and apps make everything more efficient, this leaves you free to focus on important legal work, allowing you to accomplish more and bring in more revenues. With the extra time that technology gives you, you are able to bill more hours and improve your firm’s bottom line.

Doing everything electronically also drastically reduces the need to produce physical documents, which can save you a lot of paper and ink. This not only translates to savings for your firm, but it’s also a good practice that benefits the environment.

Technology Makes Information More Accessible

When most of your information is stored in the cloud, this makes it possible for you to access it effortlessly anywhere you are in the world, on any device. Whether you are out meeting a client or on your way to court, data and information are still within easy reach with just a few taps on your phone or tablet.

Electronic information also makes research incredibly easy, as there is a wealth of knowledge and information just at your fingertips.

As you can see, technology can change your life as a legal professional in many ways. It isn’t something to feel intimidated by, but something that can empower you and help you progress further in your career faster than ever before. If you’ve been hesitating over technology until now, consider its numerous advantages and embrace it in your practice today.

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