Sustaining the work whilst the conditions are not adequate can lead to foreseeable accidents. Both for the workers and the customers, these safety measures are of major importance. To keep those in the property safe, employers and businesses are obliged to follow specified duties. The duty of care is the legal obligation to avoid being involved in an activity that may cause harm to others. Foreseeability is a crucial factor in the duty of care as ignoring these duties has high possibilities to be the main cause of an accident.

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Post-accident economic loss due to work-related accidents

Workers of specific industries are exposed to high risks. These can be natural risk factors due to the work being done, or the risk caused by inadequate working conditions. Intense work conditions in mines, construction sites and medical centres are natural hazards that have higher potentials to result in an accident. Nevertheless, employers are obliged to minimise the natural risk factor by providing safety measures. In a construction site, sustaining the work without sufficient equipment such as dust-proof masks and high-protection gloves is a contributing factor to the natural risk posed to the workers. Even if these risks are inherent, these can be avoided by taking reasonable care.

Work accidents are prone to end up with more than minor injuries. Considering the machinery and the chemicals being used in these areas, the outcomes wouldn’t be favourable. The worker might lose his/her capacity to perform his/her profession to work and earn. Even if the accident has not caused incapacity, expenses of further treatments and loss of income might damage the worker’s financial security. Regardless of the size of the accident, the worker has the right to claim compensation. For more serious and permanent injuries, the entitlements differ. The victim’s loss of earning capacity decreased life expectancy and psychological loss can be compensable.

The majority of work-related accidents occur from foreseeable risk

Many cases have demonstrated that natural conditions have very little impact on devastating work accidents. Working a thousand meters beneath the surface as a miner can be risky. However, what matters is the businesses’ intention to sustain the safety standards. Certain objects can trigger the ignition in a coal mine. Upon noticing the coal dust, the ignitors should be removed. These can be illumination equipment, torches or chemical substances. Additionally, the use of this equipment can be restricted in certain countries. The workplace conditions should be suitable for the issued standards.

Visitors of business places are also owed the duty of care

Other than the employees of the business place, the visitors are also covered by the duty of care system. Work dynamics are usually more different and difficult than the service that is to be provided to the visitors. On the other hand, underestimated risk factors are among the most known causes of public accidents. The risk can be invisible for the visitors whilst it is noticeable for the businesses. Among the duties of businesses, managing a risk assessment plan to notice the potential risk factors and taking preventive measures to avoid accidents are critically important.

Under some circumstances, the service provided to the customers can pose a risk. These situations can be encountered in restaurants or fast-food chains. Contaminated products can damage the health of the consumer. For entertainment venues, risk warning plays a key role. Whilst playing paintball or karting, the customer might not be aware of the risks involved in the activity. In this case, the duty can be fulfilled by informing the visitors about possible risk factors. We hope you like our article Workplace safety regulations and the legal duties of businesses.

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