The Asia-Pacific region legal startup ecosystem is rich with examples of entrepreneurial zeal applied to the legal services sector — with a number based in Australia — including LawPath, LegalVision and Crowd & Co.  That ecosystem also includes Bulletpoints — an online service for legal professionals to find, book and track their continuing legal education requirements.

Sydney-based Jason Elias, Chair of bullet points, explains more about the company in this interview:

What are Bullet points?

Bullet points is an aggregation site for continuing legal education. Much like expedia or webjet it finds the most relevant CPD courses for a lawyer’s practice.

What inspired you?

As a legal recruiter, I spend my days speaking with lawyers. A constant cause of pain was the CPD requirements. Many were happy to attend the courses and learn but the administration around CPD was tedious and a waste of valuable time. Many were receiving multiple marketing messages from dozens of providers.

Corporate lawyers were wading through thick brochures full of family law and personal injury courses to try and find something relevant. Most lawyers did not care which conference company was putting on the event, it was the speaker and topic that drove their decisions.  Bullet points disrupt legal education by centralising CPD into one easy-to-use portal where they can search based on what is important to them.

How does it work?

Lawyers simply go to and do a search on their practice area and matching events come up from the almost 50 approved providers. They can refine the search to formats such as video, webinar or face-to-face. Courses cost the same as booking directly so there is no charge for this premium service.

How is it unique?

There are lots of CPD providers but only Bulletpoints sells events from more than 1. You can choose from Law Societies, College of Law, Kaplan Professional and dozens more all on one screen. Bulletpoints also tracks your CPD points irrespective of which provider you use or even if you have used the bullet points system to purchase. The system was designed to free lawyers up to do more important things than shop for and track their CPD.

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