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Barrister Tasnuva Shelley is the CEO & Founder of Legalized Education Bangladesh Ltd (a legal Edtech to help improve the standard and quality of legal service) and Head of Chambers, Justicia Legal Minds (a boutique-style local law firm with affiliated lawyers around the globe). Barrister Shelley has 16+ years of dynamic work experience in corporate, commercial, regulatory, compliance, investigatory and management roles in both local and global markets. She trained over 25,000 employees in Bangladesh, Thailand and Malaysia. Educating the teams became key and partnering with businesses is the essential ingredient for sustainability across all industries. Barrister Shelley is a believer of change driven by technology and innovation and is passionate to help promote tech-based legal learning solutions for the judicial system. Legalized Learning App will merge law and technology to improve the standard of legal service and quality of legal expertise available to the common citizens of the country - anytime anywhere. She strongly believes “It is time for legal technology to enter the ecosystem of the SmartBangladesh.”

LEGALIZED: Revolutionizing Legal Education in Bangladesh

Legalized learning app is revolutionizing legal education in Bangladesh, addressing the pressing need for comprehensive, accessible, and technology-driven learning solutions for the legal sector which is notably the most reluctant to change.