In a rapidly evolving world, the legal profession is no exception to the demands of technological advancements. Recognizing the need for accessible and comprehensive legal education in Bangladesh, Legalized Education Bangladesh Limited (LEBL) has emerged as a pioneering force in the realm of legal education technology. The innovative Legalized Learning App is transforming the landscape of legal education, bridging the gap between aspiring law graduates, local businesses, and legal professionals. Being the first legal education platform in Bangladesh, Legalized is focused towards embracing new technologies to provide the best educational courses for improving the standard of legal service and quality of legal expertise available to the common citizens of the country and thus giving access to justice anytime that aligns with the vision of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out for our nation. By offering a wide array of courses, personalized tutoring, and practical resources, Legalized Education is raising the bar for legal services and empowering individuals with the knowledge they need to ensure justice for all in this digital era.

A Vision for a SMART Bangladesh

Till date, none of the online education platforms are dedicated for enhancing legal education and training which plays a vital role in socio-economic infrastructure development. Legalised launched the first-ever legal Ed-Tech in Bangladesh which aims to provide 24/7 quality learning in dual languages which is affordable, sustainable and portable. It will help improve the standard of legal expertise in a smart and systematic manner available to the common citizens of the country ensuring access to justice. 

In a nation where tech-based learning systems for the legal sector are yet to be fully realized, Legalized stands out as a trailblazer. With a focus on enhancing legal education and training, Legalized’s innovative learning app provides a 24/7 learning experience by leveraging the power of technology. In alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 and 16 it contributes to towards ensuring quality legal education reaches every corner of the country while empowering legal professionals to adapt to the digital transformation and local businesses to be compliance to develop easy access to justice for the everyone to support Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. Through its commitment to these SDGs, Legalized aims to foster a society where legal knowledge is accessible to all, fostering an inclusive, just and fair legal system for the entire population.

Empowering Learners

At the core of Legalized Education’s mission is the desire to empower learners with the best legal education courses available aligning with the ambitious Vision 2041. The Legalized Learning App offers a comprehensive range of modules and courses tailored for different segments of the legal profession. For new law graduates aspiring to pass the Bar Council Enrolment Exams, the app provides an inclusive review course. Democratizing bar prep, the app offers audio lectures, black-letter law outlines, flashcards, MCQ questions from previous exams, and personalized tutoring services. It equips students with the tools they need to excel and blend with the smart Bangladesh vision from the very start of their legal careers.

Catering to Local Corporate Compliance

Recognizing the importance of local business compliance, Legalized has developed customized corporate training solutions. With innovative ideas and a focus on local laws and regulations, legalized supports local companies by making it easy for them to be compliant. By providing accessible resources and guidance, the platform equips local businesses with the knowledge they need to navigate legal complexities while fostering growth and sustainability, not compromising on compliance.

Elevating Legal Professionals

Legalized is committed to uplifting legal professionals by offering high-quality resources accessible across the country. With the ability to learn at any time, place, and according to their preferences, legal professionals can acquire new skills and knowledge that enhance their practice in this era that is dominated by technology. By keeping pace with evolving trends in the smart Bangladesh and providing relevant courses, legalized equips legal professionals with the tools they need to excel in their respective areas of law which will inevitably improve the standard and quality of legal service and expertise available to the common citizens of the country.

Unparalleled Benefits

Legalized distinguishes itself by providing a host of unparalleled benefits to its users. Highly enriched with resources and practice sessions, the platform ensures a comprehensive learning experience. The Legalized Learning App is portable and accessible 24/7, allowing users to learn at their own convenience from the comfort of their home and at their own pace. Additionally, the platform supports dual languages, catering to learners’ preferences. The smart and systematic approach to learning from anywhere ensures flexibility and efficiency. Affordability and sustainability are at the heart of legalized’s mission, making legal education accessible to all.

Legalized learning app is revolutionizing legal education in Bangladesh, addressing the pressing need for comprehensive, accessible, and technology-driven learning solutions for the legal sector which is notably the most reluctant to change. By merging law and technology, legalized is paving the way for a SMART Bangladesh, where justice and legal expertise are accessible to all.

Posted by Tasnuva Shelley

Barrister Tasnuva Shelley is the CEO & Founder of Legalized Education Bangladesh Ltd (a legal Edtech to help improve the standard and quality of legal service) and Head of Chambers, Justicia Legal Minds (a boutique-style local law firm with affiliated lawyers around the globe). Barrister Shelley has 16+ years of dynamic work experience in corporate, commercial, regulatory, compliance, investigatory and management roles in both local and global markets. She trained over 25,000 employees in Bangladesh, Thailand and Malaysia. Educating the teams became key and partnering with businesses is the essential ingredient for sustainability across all industries. Barrister Shelley is a believer of change driven by technology and innovation and is passionate to help promote tech-based legal learning solutions for the judicial system. Legalized Learning App will merge law and technology to improve the standard of legal service and quality of legal expertise available to the common citizens of the country - anytime anywhere. She strongly believes “It is time for legal technology to enter the ecosystem of the SmartBangladesh.”

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