In 2016, June Low Founded EasyLaw.  1 out of 4 lawyers in Malaysia is using the app now. In this interview with Asia Law Portal, Low details the story of this remarkable legal startup. And what inspired her to pursue a career in legal tech.

You founded EasyLaw in 2016.  What is EasyLaw and what inspired its’ founding?

EasyLaw is no 1 Legal App in Malaysia – with 1 out of 4 Malaysian lawyers using our mobile app.

It all starts with a very chill catch-up gathering with my friends (we went to the same High School). We were discussing about what industry should be the next BIG thing, as long as new technology is coming.

After discussing, we realized that we all have different specialty. I myself am into marketing, my friends are legal & IT background respectively. So we thought Legal Tech can be the next wave, which inspired us to start EasyLaw – to help the ecosystem to increase productivity.

That’s also how we design our tagline , EASY stands for Efficiently, Affordable & Simple to You.

1 in 5 lawyers in Malaysia is using EasyLaw’s App.  What accounts for this popularity?

We design a very good mobile app – where we always focus on providing values to the ecosystem we want to serve: lawyers & property-related parties. We are the 1st mobile app that put all the property related calculators.  Top 10 statutes of Malaysia into a single app and the mobile app is FREE. Who doesn’t like FREE stuff right?

Our mobile app is so user-friendly that it got viral very fast & our users are helping us to promote.

What inspired you to focus on startups within the legal sector?  

I am always very passionate about entrepreneurship , even before I started our Legal Tech company. And I was looking for different opportunities to branch out from my ecommerce business.

I felt like my expertise in marketing & entrepreneurship might enhance even further in a different industry. And I want to branch out to become more diverse in terms of my skill set. Proving to myself that even though I do not get legal training, I can do anything I want, as long as I set my mind to do it.

Little did I know the casual high school gathering has become an idea generation for our next entrepreneurial opportunities.

How has your previous experience as a startup founder helped you with EasyLaw?

With my prior entrepreneurial experience, I am more well versed in terms of marketing & tackling uncertainties situation. I am able to judge better commercially, as compared to other first time entrepreneurs – who might be just trying out and may not have the determination to “make it work” when facing challenges.

I have the “make-it-work” mentality – and it has been with me all the while, I believe perseverance & determination are what I was trained in previous company I founded.

You’re also Malaysia Country Ambassador for ASEAN Legal Tech (ALT).  Tell us about this.

Being the Malaysia Country Ambassador of ALT is really an awesome experience, I have to thank Eric Chin & ALT board for giving me the opportunity. We get access to report, support & network easily. Legal Tech in ASEAN is pretty new, with this community being formed, we are growing as an ecosystem as a whole. Making it easier for us to seek support & learn from each other easily.

We also welcome any parties who show interest to join as members of ALT to reach out to us. And grow the ASEAN ecosystem together.

What is the future for legal innovation and legal tech in Malaysia?

I am optimistic about the future of legal tech in Malaysia.

With the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, a lot of law firms are starting to implement more tech into their firm to ensure everyone can work from home easily.

We have been doing awareness campaign and helping law firms by educating them the software they can use during this difficult period.

What are EasyLaw’s goals for the future?

Our future goal is to develop more products – be it web-based or app-based to help more lawyers, legal-related parties, and property-related parties to increase their productivity.

Everything should start from education, we are seeking to talk to colleges or university in Malaysia with the aim on raising awareness of using tech in law. This will then increase the technology adoption rate at a faster rate.

For more information, please see EasyLaw’s website:

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