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Miraz Hossain Chowdhury is a first-year LL.B. student at the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. He is an ambitious LL.B. freshman with a deep love for the power of words. His dedication to writing has resulted in noteworthy achievements, including 'The Silver Award' in 'The Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition and the consecutive 'Runner-Up' title in 'The Immerse Education Essay Competition'. Besides, he holds the 'Silver Award' in the International IQ Genius Olympiad. He became the 2nd runner-up in his country's national IQ Olympiad. He is also a national 'President Scout' awardee. (which is the highest achievement in the Bangladesh National Scouts). Besides his writing interests, he possesses experience in extracurricular activities. Innovative thinking and various competitions have always fascinated him. During his academic years, he served different clubs of different backgrounds, organised events, and eventually led many people, and still, he is on it. He is an enthusiastic and committed student with writing skills and a demonstrated passion for achieving future goals.

The Power of AI in Law: The Rise of AI in Legal Systems in Asia

Given its historical reliance on custom and convention, the legal industry might appear unlikely to undergo a significant AI revolution. However, the era of legal technology is here. AI has the unmatched potential to revolutionise the legal field in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility. This […]

Does the law dictate what is ethically right or wrong?

Law and ethics are closely connected yet distinct concepts that guide human behaviour and societal functioning. Although they share common principles, their alignment can be challenging. This essay explores the intricate relationship between law and ethics, investigating whether the law dictates what is ethically right or […]