If your company employs in China, your ethics line should also be hosted and managed locally.

Deloitte Legal 勤理recently launched a China based ethics hotline, helping our clients in China to uphold a culture of ethics and integrity as well as best practices in risk management, ensuring the earliest discovery of complexity.

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While Deloitte provides whistle blower services globally (hosted in SE Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Americas), we launched in China due to the PRC Cyber-Security Law, impacting the complexity of data transfer.

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As shown above, we have considered potential risks and have taken every measure to ensure we are protecting our clients with a secure, Shanghai hosted service where we employ three levels of quality control, including a security assessment measure, on each disclosure.

Thank you Mark Schroeder for sponsoring this post.

For more information, please contact Wei Heng Jia or Mark Schroeder as per below.

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