“Dynamic forces” changing China’s legal market are one highlight of a new book by this author which provides “A Comprehensive Guide to the Asia-Pacific Legal Markets“.  Integral to the the book was the participation of the regions lawyers and legal services sector professionals — who provide commentary and analysis of many issues and trends afoot within Asia-Pacific’s legal markets.

Over the course of the next weeks and months we will highlight those contributions and those authors.  As a follow up to our first two posts in this series, we turn to an interview with Paul Kossof, Chinese Intellectual Property Law Consultant and author of: Chinese Trademark Law: The New Chinese Trademark Law of 2014.  Here’s a preview of that interview:

As Kossof outlines:

“The most substantial change affecting China’s future legal market will be its diminishing reliance upon developed countries’ legal systems and private counsel. China’s written laws and legal practices will continue to experience major reforms and, as a result, foreign firms will see a dramatic shift as foreign companies increasingly use domestic legal services.”

“Although Chinese firms will eventually have most of the foreign legal work, there are still niches that foreign firms will be able to maintain a large amount of client work. Particularly, established international firms with strong cross-border teams will be much more effective at planning and executing international legal strategies.”

“The relationship between inbound Chinese legal work and the developing parts of Asia presents opportunities for foreign firms because most Chinese firms do not have a presence in developing Asian countries. Foreign firms are in a better position to market themselves for “China Plus One” work for manufacturers, or present themselves as legal/business consultants for Asia.”

These and other key strategic insights into a changing Chinese legal market are part of a comprehensive Chinese legal market report contained in A Comprehensive Guide to the the Asia-Pacific Legal Markets.  For more information about Paul Kossof please see his LinkedIn profile here.

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