An exclusive report by US-based international law firm K&L Gates on its Asia-Pacific Strategy are among the highlights of a new book by this author entitled “A Comprehensive Guide to the Asia-Pacific Legal Markets“.  Integral to the book was the participation of the regions lawyers and legal services sector professionals — who provide commentary and analysis of the issues and trends currently impacting Asia-Pacific’s legal markets.

Over the course of the next weeks and months we are highlighting those contributions and those authors.  As a follow-up to our first three posts in this series, we turn to the exclusive case study from K&L Gates.  Here’s a preview of that study:

Asia/Australia key to K&L Gates’ growth strategy

“Over the past decade,” [K&L Gates explains it] “has expanded from approximately 800 lawyers based in 10 offices located solely in the United States, to its present size of more than 2,000 lawyers in four dozen offices located in 17 countries around the world. A significant part of the firm’s five-continent strategy has been its continued growth in Asia and Australia, a regional presence that currently includes 11 offices and more than 400 lawyers. Indeed, in the recently issued FT Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers 2014 report, K&L Gates is described by the Financial Times as being the largest U.S. law firm in the Asia-Pacific region.”

K&L Gates utilizes a fully integrated business model

K&L Gates outlines that: “In Law360’s 2013 “Global 20” report, the publication states that each expansion is “underscored by a guiding philosophy of borderless firm integration” and notes that “For K&L Gates,[as the firm outlines], integration means attorneys with the firm are not hindered by interior firewalls and aren’t forced to negotiate against internal profit borders to serve clients globally…”” “And the firm’s approach and vision regarding integration is as evident within the Asia-Pacific region as it is in all other regions in which the firm operates.”

K&L Gates Asia-Pacific strategy is distinguished by both a domestic as well as cross-border focus

K&L Gates also explains in the report that: “Since the opening of the Hong Kong office in 1996, K&L Gates has steadily built its Asia-Pacific practice with a distinction from other international law firms in three respects: 1) all of the firm’s lawyers in Asia-Pacific are based in their respective markets and do not simply rotate through their offices periodically, 2) the firm competes within each market to represent both local and cross-border clients in Asia-Pacific, and 3) the firm has a regional practice in Asia where over 40% of its revenue derives from cross office work.

Market-specific analysis

K&L Gates also outlines in detail its key strategic approaches in each Asia-Pacific economy in which it operates – as well as outlining its overall vision for the region into the future.

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