The official charity for the In-House Community Awards is the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute (cc-TDI).

cc-TDI-Logo-Vector-2-300x75The mission of the cc-TDI is to translate scientific discovery into clinical trials by understanding and proving new disease-specific treatment options for children with cancer. Based in Portland, Oregon, but providing cures with potentially global applications, cc-TDI is providing practical and scientific help to children with cancer.

There are new discoveries made in research labs, but sadly they are rarely if ever translated into new treatments for children. The process of turning a new scientific discovery into a new treatment for children is tedious, time-consuming and rarely generates big profits.

Kids wait for cures in hospital beds while potential discoveries lie dormant in scientific journals. Today we still have childhood cancers without any effective treatments upon diagnosis or relapse.

One in every five children with cancer has one of these incurable cancers that even 40 years of continuing research doesn’t address.

In fact, since 1978, the US FDA has approved only five drugs for childhood cancer. To overcome this stalemate, cc-TDI is embarking on a bold scientific course of discovery to send more targeted drugs into clinical trials for those childhood cancers that have the most dire outcomes.

In only three years, cc-TDI has already started clinical trials of two drugs, with two more trials expected in 2019. For more information about cc-TDI please see a short video here: cc-TDI mission…reimagined.

Representing the Children’s Cancer Therapy Charity at the In-House Community Awards, on the evening of Thursday May 30 is board director, Michael Lin.

The money-raising for cc-TDI will take the form of a charity raffle — donations in cash or to the value of more than HK$4,000 will be mentioned in the programme and online with the logo of the supporting organisation (if requested) prominently displayed.

For any donations of either cash or raffle prizes please contact Patrick Dransfield at: Email: Mobile: (852) 9887 0943

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Patrick M. Dransfield is Client Relations Director at Alsuwaidi & Company, Principal of Clearway Communications and Co-Founder of the Managing Partners’ Club.

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