The growth of Asia-Pacific region legal technology innovation will continue apace in 2023. Now more legal tech companies coming into being, and maturing. And indeed taking on leadership roles in the transformation of the legal services sector.  Below is a list of 55 legal tech companies in Asia of different forms. All these contribute in their own way to the region’s unique legal innovation story.

  1. Asia Law Network is a Singapore-based legal tech company. It connects customers to quality lawyers and provides lawyers with a platform to reinvent their business.
  2. Belaws is a Bangkok-based online legal services provider utilizing digital technologies to optimize the client-lawyer relationship.
  3. is an online portal connecting Japanese lawyers with legal consumers.
  4. Chambers Lab is a Malaysian legal innovation startup. It focuses on helping lawyers improve their practices with intelligent use of technology and global human resources.
  5. Checkbox is an Australia-based no code platform making digital transformation accessible for the legal industry.
  6. CodeLex is a legal tech company incorporate in Mongolia and Singapore. It has a core team based in Ulaanbaatar, Singapore and Toyko. CodeLex aims to streamline and add value to the practice of law and delivery of legal services.
  7. DocPro, is a Hong Kong-based legal tech platform which combines legal documentation services with cutting edge technology. 
  8. docQbot is a China-based legal technology platform. It provides a suite of bilingual automated contract drafting and review tools. As well as other systematized solutions for various categories of legal operations.
  9. D2 Legal Technology (D2LT) is a Hong Kong-based consulting firm that sits at the intersection of FinTech and LegalTech, acting as a trusted advisor to institutions on process, data and the use of technology to unlock business value through legal change.
  10. EasyLaw is the no 1 Legal App in Malaysia – with 1 out of 4 Malaysian lawyers using it. It helps make Malaysia business and legal transactions simpler and easier.
  11. Eye Z Legal is a legal-tech startup uniting lawyers, citizens and key decision makers to advance access to justice. While making law better in India via a robust, sustainable legal ecosystem.
  12. HONE is a New Zealand platform for interactive online commercial/legal document training.
  13. INTELLLEX is Singapore based and helps law firms create intuitive knowledge platforms.
  14. KontrakHukum is a digital platform in Indonesia which helps small-to-medium sized enterprises with business-focused legal services.
  15. Law Asia 365 is a comprehensive legal Knowledge Management (KM) and law firm management consultancy, based in Kuala Lumpur.
  16. Lawcadia is an Australian technology-enable new way to find, engage and manage law firms that promotes accurate, transparent pricing. And accountability without compromising service or quality.
  17. LawCPD provides online CPD to lawyers in Australia on any device – smartphone, desktop or tablet.
  18. Law Guide Singapore provides consumers with easier access to basic law-related information which helps them make better decisions. The platform helps provide greater access to justice – through web, digital content, social media and Singapore’s first AI legal chatbot.
  19. Law Ninjas is based in Australia and was first established as a social network for in-house lawyers in 2017. Since then, it has become a platform and community for thousands of lawyers and law students around the world to build relationships and learn how to be a successful lawyer.
  20. Lawpath is an Australia-based legal tech company that provides online, on-demand legal help for small businesses.
  21. has base in New Delhi and provides an interactive online platform to quickly find and hire lawyers in any city or court in India.
  22. LegalComet is an AI-driven legal tech startup and Rajah & Tann Technologies acquire it in 2018.
  23. LegalOn is a Japan-based AI-enabled Contract Management Suite allowing companies to manage and unlock the information in their contracts.
  24. LegalKart is an India-based technology platform that helps lawyers manage their legal practices. The firm uses artificial intelligence to connect qualified clients to lawyers — thereby helping lawyers build and grow their practices.
  25. Legal Tree is a legal tech startup and social enterprise in the Philippines with the goal of making legal services simple and affordable.
  26. LegalVision is a commercial law firm that provides Australian businesses with cost-effective and high-quality legal services through an innovative tech-enabled model.
  27. LegalX is a legal tech startup that hopes to make legal services in Bangladesh less expensive and more accessible — while also increasing legal literacy.
  28. Legally Yours is an Australian legal technology enable platform that utilizes the internet and fixed-fee pricing to reach and optimally serve clients across all areas of law by brokering services between lawyers and legal consumers.
  29. Legistify is a fast-growing legal tech company. Their flagship offering, LegisTrak, an all-in-one legal management suite for enterprises covers contract management, litigation, legal notices, IPR, and compliances with customizable and automated modules.
  30. – an Indonesia-based tech-enabled legal startup which focuses on simplifying legal administration processes to help clients obtain legal documentation simply.
  31. Lex Intell is a Bangladeshi AI-power online legal database and research platform including case laws, statutes, codes, gazettes, international resources, and more.
  32. LexisNexis Legal & Professional is a leading global provider of information and analytics that enable professionals in legal, corporate, government and non-profit organizations to improve decision-making and achieve better business outcomes.
  33. LexMeet is the Philippine’s first on-demand online legal solutions platform.
  34. LexpertEase is Nepal’s first and only legal tech platform that provides various legal solution in a simple, transparent and cost effective manner through a network of our verified lawyers.
  35. Lexub is a Mongolia-based online lawyer-to-lawyer document marketplace that seeks to help lawyers generate revenue, leads and profile through licensing of documents to other lawyers, while also expanding lawyers’ direct access to precedents and example documents.
  36. Ligalis is a Malaysia-based cloud legal practice management software startup.
  37. Memori is a Brunei-based online legacy planning platform that helps customers engage certified professionals to write their wills.
  38. MikeLegal empowers legal teams in India by building AI based software to automate various legal processes.
  39. MNTSQ Ltd is a Japan-based legal tech company that provides law firms with legal due diligence efficiency services. In October, 2019, MNTSQ Ltd parent company PKSHA Technology Inc announced a strategic alliance with Japanese law firm Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu.
  40. MyLawman is an India-based Legal Community website for Legal Resource sharing and an e-learning platform for law students, legal professionals and legal academia.
  41. MWKA Technologies is the technology research and development arm of Malaysian law firm MahWengKwai & Associates based in Singapore.
  42. PegLeg Legal is a legal tech company providing subscription-based access to legal services for expatriates in Thailand.
  43. Presolv360 is an India-based online alternative to traditional dispute resolution systems.
  44. PracticeLeague Legaltech Pvt. Ltd, based in India, offers a suite of comprehensive solutions allowing legal depts and law firms to streamline workflows, facilitate collaboration and automate processes with platform-based solutions.
  45. Privy is a network processor for universal identity and legally binding digital signatures in Indonesia.
  46. Provakil is a legal tech startup in India focused on transforming legal operations for enterprises. It offers next-generation tools for digital contracting, litigation, intellectual property, and compliance management.
  47. Remote Lawyer is an India-based tech-enabled legal services company. It providing commercial contract drafting, startup advisory, legal content creation and knowledge management services virtually.
  48. SeedLegals is a global legal tech company with offices in Singapore and Hong Kong. It provides automated legal support for startups and small businesses, thereby reducing the time and expense companies spend with traditional lawyers and accountants.
  49. Singapore Legal Advice is an online legal platform connecting individuals and small businesses to lawyers and legal information in Singapore.
  50. Sprintlaw is a tech-enabled legal startup based in Australia. They focus on providing cost effective and efficient legal services to small businesses and startups.
  51. UniCourt is an Indian legal tech company that focuses on consumers and businesses in need of structured and normalized court case information via an app and legal data-as-a-service. 
  52. Wolters Kluwer is a global provider (with offices in Hong Kong) of professional information, software solutions, and services for clinicians, accountants, lawyers, and tax, finance, audit, risk, compliance, and regulatory sectors.
  53. Wusong Technology is a Chinese Internet legal service platform. It focuses on enabling lawyers in professional knowledge, capabilities, branding and business partnerships.
  54. UQEEL is Bangladesh’s first online legal service platform —helping users find expert legal advice in three easy steps.
  55. Zegal is a Hong Kong-based online platform providing Streamlined contract creation, taxes, shares, HR policies, and more.

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