GRM was recently named the Best Legal Recruitment Agency of the Year in Hong Kong.  What did the awarding agency see in GRM as a unique competitive advantage?

(Rob Green, CEO, GRMSearch)

We actually retained the title! 2015 and now 2016 saw GRM crowned Best Legal Recruitment Agency of the Year in Hong KongOur dedication to data is our difference. The investment we have made in the past few years on software, CRM, training, other online tools and staff, has been huge given our relatively small size. We have done this, to make sure we have the best data and analysis tools to help our clients make the best investment decisions.

(Mohit Savalani, Director, Head of Legal, GRMSearch and Robert Mclean, Managing Consultant, GRMSearch)

Often recruitment professionals can be focused solely on their own targets and how filling any individual role can benefit them and bring revenue into their business or team. Whilst this may not be something done consciously in other firms, our legal team recognize that in order for us to meet our goals we must first help our client’s and candidates reach their goals. Our search for each and every mandate is always focused around any candidate and client’s requirements rather than GRM just filling a vacant position to gain a fee. Focusing purely on our candidate and client’s needs and how we can be of benefit to them allows us to be truly consultative and build longer lasting relationships, whilst meeting all of our own targets as a result. Client’s and candidates requirements are at the heart of everything we do. All of our meetings, calls, negotiations and conversations are based around understanding all stakeholders needs as well as possible whilst providing honest advice when necessary.

What is the current state of the legal recruitment market in Hong Kong and the greater Asia-Pacific legal market?

(Mohit Savalani and Robert Mclean)

Despite fears regarding the financial markets, Brexit and the president elect in the US we are having our busiest quarter of the year. When one specialist area is quiet this usually leads to another being buoyant. In the first half of the year we seen great demand for corporate lawyers and in the second half of the year we have seen a steady increase in demand for litigation lawyers, particularly within financial institutions. In-house is, as always, very much on a case-by-case basis and can often be the result of one particular businesses growth within Asia-Pacific.

Has the recruitment industry seen disruption similar to what we’ve seen in other industries?  And if so, how would you characterize that disruption and how has GRM in particular adapted to it?

(Rob Green)

I think we have to be careful with the word disruption. I prefer enhancement. Too many people get too much attention because they put the word disruption before their sales pitch. Recruitment has been enhanced hugely in recent years. In 2004, LinkedIn was launched and whilst it made search mildly easier it has plateaued as a recruitment tool in recent years. Other products and apps are hitting the market and we embrace anything that can improve us.

We are developing our own tools to improve our service, we are constantly “disrupting” our own service to make us better.

What are GRM’s goals for 2017 in Hong Kong and in greater Asia-Pacific?

(Rob Green)

2016 was all about expansion and growth for us, 2017 is about stability, growth and investing in our people. We have a lot of inward looking projects ready to launch that are designed to make our staff stronger. The ultimate benefit of this improvement, will be our clients.

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